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Tool Crate

Tool Crate

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Perfect for carrying your tools between your toolbox and your project our tool crate is perfectly sized to fit two toolcrates side-by-side on top of ToolCabs or ToolCubes.

Built with 20 gauge aluminized steel and hard plastic sides (to reduce weight), these steel tool crates are extremely durable and look great!


- 20-gauge stainless steel with plastic sides

- Stainless steel carrying handle

- Outside lifting handles

- S.A.E. Metric Tap Drill conversion chart for drill bits

- Two fit side-by-side on top of ToolCab or ToolCube

Dimensions: H 10″ x W 21″ x D 10″

Weight: 6lbs

Part #: B5-0275

UPC #: 856131001122

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